24 July 2005


This is an official rant.

Service people, as in those who work customer or food service, are by no means innocent angels. I should know, I have done both. But people who give them hell just because they might be having a bad day should not be tolerated.

There should be trap doors that immediately open and take them to the bowels of hell and demons should shell out the same crap to them that they were giving others and then spit them back out with nasty burns and festering boils that don't heal for three days. (and that is being nice) I am not an exception, I would have fallen into a hole and been tortured more than a few times. Believe it or not I am not always right.

Service people everywhere are a family. Some true enough, should be shot to put us all out of our misery. They have seriously bad attitude or hate what they do and do not mind letting you know it. (guilty of this at times, not all the time) But there are many excellent people out there that either enjoy or are really good at what they do. You hurt one and we all sympathize.

Try ever so hard to be nice to the service people in your life anywhere you may go. Demons and torture are not as cheap as they used to be and I am not ready to sell my soul to cover the cost just because you decided to give up yours.

End raving here.

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