05 February 2011

who me...shy?

Found myself in an interesting situation today. We had a prayer meeting of the women in my church tonight. It was an excellent time of thanksgiving and praise to our Mighty and Caring God. We had a time to share testimonies or what we learned during this week. I had something to share, it was burning in me and it seemed appropriate for what we were doing, BUT I somehow talked myself out of sharing a simple encouragement simply because it was not the usual setting that I would share in :-( what's with that? When did I turn shy? Ugh! Well I know better than to beat myself up over it but I must say I do not like it when I hold on to a word that I know I am to share. Well this is the last time, no more I will speak clearly and boldly and in the proper timing. God give me the strength and courage to carry and deliver Your word when You give it to me!

02 February 2011

the things which we speak

Death and life anxiety and expectation complaints or gratitude fear or faith rejection or acceptance. The expectation I have for what this time holds is almost intoxicating. Life in faith, thanksgiving in everything... life is indeed breaking out. Ah the season has changed. Fear wins no more battles here-VICTORY is the banner over me. A word received in obedience can change the world... it all changes now. I will, I already have succeeded. Write the vision, make it plain...