21 November 2006

4 Months/ 30 days

4 months until my 30th birthday.... Just a reminder!

I've been in my own place for a month and I love it!

09 November 2006

Making Progress

So I was up until 2:30 this morning attempting to get my place in order and I am happy to report that I now have my living area under control! (well I do have to put away my CDs) I just started working and was able to keep going. Of course I'm paying for it today, I'M SO TIRED! Now I just have to get everything else in order. Oh well, when I finally finish there will be a big party. YAAY!!

Visit Snake Ai Musings for a couple of poems from the days of my youth. Comment and tell me how green it truly is.

On a not so fun note, I have to go to court tomorrow for a traffic ticket. BOO, HISS!

By the way, I appear to be falling in love again but more on that in the near future. Too bad it's not with a person.

01 November 2006

R.O.D - Really Obsessed Dork

Or at least that is what they tell me! *LOL*
So it's been a little too serious around here lately. Although I should be getting my new place in order, I have had my head buried in graphic novels and other books. So much so that my neighbor and friend Chelsea told me, "You're acting like that Yomiko character you like so much." Classic! I took it as a compliment of course. Here for your viewing pleasure is the Read or Die OVA, episode 1 in three parts (approx 30 minutes). I just adore You Tube!

Part I

Part II

Part III