01 May 2008

Guess Who's Back?!

That's right the kinetic is takin' over and JESUS is in the house!
Yes I said JESUS! (well he never left but I'm not running away anymore)
Notice the name change people. I am not "LOST" or "MISPLACED". I considered just being "Butterfly Angel" but it didn't fit as much as Kinetic Potential.
I'm on my way back up.
This is a new chapter and boy is life exciting!
What in the world is kinetic potential? and why does it fit so well?
Well obviously it's an oxymoron! And trust me it fits. Read about five entries on this page and it will make sense.
Life is crazy and hectic... unfair stuff still happens but now I feel more alive than I ever have.
I have not and will not give up on this life gig... I have made my decision and I am living the life that I know I am supposed to... not on terms set by other people.
Yes, this is a really random post... but I tend toward random rambling at times.
Hopefully I'll get to post more and more frequently for myself and the 2 people that I know read this.
Much love in Christ!