17 March 2011

open season, open heavens and the promotion of life

God is bringing forth that which we thought was dead and buried and giving it new life. Open season, open heavens and the promotion of life. Rise up and live- do what you were purposed to do. Come forth from the dry, dark, dead places and return to life, productivity and action. He is calling us forth as a great army to move forward His agenda. This is the shift, the time, no more waiting, go forward in Him.
He gave you something specific to do. If you do not remember or know, ask. Get on your face, intercede, cry out! This is bigger than you; ask Him for wisdom, power, discernment, revelation- then move. No more excuses, don’t hold back. Remain in His presence so that you can hear clearly from Him, then move in faith knowing He sent you.
Take back your home, your community, the schools for His Name. What vision has He given you that you buried? It’s stirring, rising, speak life to it, prophesy it back into existence, then do something about it! Call forth life from the heavens, it is time to eat life and no longer choke on death. Heed His words of instruction, remain actively obedient. If your first step is to wait, then wait; if it is to purge, then purge; forgive, then forgive; speak, then speak; go, then go.
It takes your words of faith in the God Who brought everything into being in this same manner. He is not asking you to do anything that He has not already done, have faith in and speak His word- the promotion of life. The rain of open heavens is your provision, go now, go now, go now. Faithful, obedient and pure in Him; it’s already done!
Understand the times are as they never have been although there is still nothing new under the sun. I have not changed and never will. Your hunger, your desire for Me and passion to see My Hand are pulling greatly on heaven. Walk closely with Me. Do not give up your passion, your zeal; be consumed with your love for Me. Remember your love for Me is shown in your obedience, submission and faith. Your absolute belief that you will see My Hand in ways you have longed for and heard of is touching My Heart. I have heard your cry for a sustained move, for My Presence to dwell richly, continually, everyday. You know that I have an inheritance for you and yes, it is yours. Step out, the mantle is yours- believe and do not doubt!

04 March 2011

power in agreement

God is looking for someone to agree with Him; with His plans, His strategies to complete His work. When He finds someone willing to step up to the level of faith He requires for the work, watch out because heaven is about to kiss the earth and a new mantle is about to be bestowed. It is a new coat of many colors that you will have to be tailored to fit into. Yes you, your flesh, pride and personal agenda will be cut away along with all submission to fear or ideas of stopping because of rejection or because others do not see what God has allowed your eyes to view.
Once you have agreed and the covenant is sealed, you are now walking in the role God has given you. This is where you have your measure of rule to take back for the Kingdom what He has caused you to see. Seek Him to find out how to get where He wants you to go. He makes you aware so that you can pray and bring it to pass.

01 March 2011

finally decided

So after Much deliberation I have decided to keep this as my blogger page. I thought a while about changing over to another blog as there are some things on here that are interesting to say the least and colorful if I want to be kind. But my decision to keep it here stems from the fact that I cannot simply remove what happened by simply starting a new blog. Life happens and in a good one the person grows and changes. When I began this journey it was always withthe hope of growing and returning to God. This has happened and I could not be anymore grateful. I am a ver differrent woman than I was even two years ago when it was silent here. So here lies the former page of one who was for a time a "Lost Butterfly Angel" who for a short period thought the dry sarcasm of "Kinetic Potential" fit their life. Now I know with no doubt that My Name is Victory and so here is where I will remain.