01 March 2011

finally decided

So after Much deliberation I have decided to keep this as my blogger page. I thought a while about changing over to another blog as there are some things on here that are interesting to say the least and colorful if I want to be kind. But my decision to keep it here stems from the fact that I cannot simply remove what happened by simply starting a new blog. Life happens and in a good one the person grows and changes. When I began this journey it was always withthe hope of growing and returning to God. This has happened and I could not be anymore grateful. I am a ver differrent woman than I was even two years ago when it was silent here. So here lies the former page of one who was for a time a "Lost Butterfly Angel" who for a short period thought the dry sarcasm of "Kinetic Potential" fit their life. Now I know with no doubt that My Name is Victory and so here is where I will remain.
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