30 October 2015


Broken Heart Grunge
Nicolas Raymond on Flickr

I'm never ready for it. EVER.

If I could turn my heart off I would. If I could find a way to not connect with and engage with others I would do it. In a heartbeat.

Because all I've ever found is one heartache after another.

I love too damn hard.

I connect to others entirely too quickly.

I don't want to anymore.

Not ever again.

But I always do.

It's me. My fatal flaw is that I always care.

No, I didn't lose a lover. 

I'm so single, other single people measure their time as singles in Aisha units.

I just dared to believe I had a friend who believed. 

But apparently I failed that friend because it's over, called to a decisive end.

And I can't even ask why. 

I defend the best way I know how to minimize hurt. If that was insufficient, I'm sorry.

I like to fix things.

I love to love.

I don't like to break people.

But I apparently did.

And now, once again, I'm heartbroken too.

21 October 2015

Found on Facebook: Church Hurt

Can I be honest and tell you I don't like this? 

I'm probably putting too much thought into it, but I've seen what "Church Hurt" does to people. This includes those who have a strong foundation in God, those who seek Him desperately, and look only to serve Him.

We are responsible for how we treat others. The Bible tells us that leaders will be judged with greater weight because of their position of authority. Leaders are called, much like husbands, to love as Christ loved the church. Sacrificially. In return, those who are following leaders as the leaders follow Christ are to submit to their authority, in a healthy way, and pray for them.

That makes sense. If someone is carrying a heavier weight, we lift them with our assistance, in this case our prayers and encouragement. Also, biblical.
However, this statement here seems to blame the victim. Don't get me wrong, I've seen it where someone is truly bewitched by the charismatic charm of some dynamic leader. But many more times I've seen those with genuine hearts, harmed by the attitudes of sensationalist Christian leaders.

There has to be accountability on all fronts. We live transparent lives of integrity loving and helping one another. Yes even with sin. Even when things are difficult. Yes even in disagreement, we bear with one another in love, we carry each other's burdens, and correct one another without condemnation. Yes, there are times for rebuke but even that is done from love, with forgiveness.

We do have to watch out for bitterness, but how about we each take care to not cause another to sin. Issues happen, we're human. But we love and we work through because He first loved us. 

Again, maybe I'm putting too much though into but I like the simplicity of, "Let us love one another."