22 May 2006

My purse

After the previous post I do not know how much validity is left in this statement but...

Just because I started carrying a purse that is khaki with a pink gingham strap and flowers and butterflies is not proof that I am giddy and it is not open season to tease Aisha!! I have had that purse since summer 2000. I started carrying a purse again because it was getting incredibly uncomfortable to lug that huge backpack around, not because I am trying to be "girly". And the hint of make-up is because of the new job search, it's not like the otaku would see it anyway. So what if I just bought a new skirt, I wanted it for church, although "someone" will get a picture of me in it. Oh yeah and me getting more comfortable around cameras is not at all because of... I should just stop here.

Can someone get me a ladder and how the world did I end up with this shovel in my hand anyway?
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