30 January 2012

a most amazing experience

"God tonight please do something different, something out of the ordinary, break the box, tear down the walls! It's a new year and I want to see you move in ways that would be new to me but that are standard for You. Oh God rest in this place, show up here with us and show us a new facet of Your incredible glory that we might with the angels cry Holy! Holy! Holy! We need You that we may be transformed and go take this world for you. We have so much more to accomplish for the Kingdom and we want to be ready for what You're calling us to in this day. I thank You Lord, Glorious, Mighty One!"

This was my prayer as we worshipped Wednesday (1/4) at church. I wanted a different experience in that moment, more than goosebumps or a good feeling; I wanted to be enveloped in the presence of the Lord in a different way on this first Wednesday night of the new year. We had a most encouraging word from one of the pastors and the worship was great but the time together as a church family was over so quickly. I was trying to keep to myself a bit as I was still on meds for a sinus infection but people do love hugs! As I hugged one of my friends, I realized that I wanted her to pray for me.

We stepped to the side and she began to pray for me powerfully and with authority, I love my sisters! She began to speak not just into my life but life into me as well. This was one of those moments that I wish could have been captured on a recording as she declared so much that was encouraging and edifying. As she was finishing her prayer she retrieved a vial of anointing oil from her purse and I could feel the familiar cross outline being drawn on my forehead as she prayed in the Spirit. Then she paused, took a deep breath and said, "He wants you to know that He is fully invested in you."

In the next moment I realized my prayer for "something different" was being answered. The scent of the oil became very strong and suddenly I felt a slight drip on my neck and another and another as I realized she truly "anointed" me. The oil was running right through the part in my hair and down the sides and onto my neck and collar of my shirt. WOW! This may seem kind of odd to be happy about, but right there the Lord was letting me know that He heard me. He was answering in a way that said He was preparing me for the newness outside the box He was breaking in that moment. He is such an incredible Father! So loving and kind.

This was  a demonstration of a way He normally operates but for me it was different. I can't say that I have ever had a vial of anointing oil poured on me with the purpose of preparation for Him. Honestly a few years back someone doing something like that to my hair may have been hurt in the process, just saying. (haha) I share special moment because I know this year a lot will shift. I know many have expectation of seeing Him in ways we have only dreamed of. This was Him letting me know that He really is right here with me and I hope you know that He is right there with you too, molding and preparing you. He is teaching us to love that we may be conformed to the likeness of His Awesome Son!

06 January 2012

little miss know it (not at) all

Would life really be better if I truly knew it all? Probably not. After all the more I know the more I'm accountable to and the more burdens weigh on me. Why am I thinking about this? Many days I'm ready to beat myself up pretty bad for not knowing how to best fix a situation at work or because I said something that could have been said better. When I review my response to these situations, it is often a round of the blahs after asking the question "Why didn't I know that? (do that?)"

The answer, because I did not know. And I keep having to come to grips with that over and over again. There is a lot I don't know about my job, interactions with people and relationships, leadership, okay life overall. Unfortunately this can trigger fear because if I don't know something or don't feel comfortable talking about things then there are times I will not try or give up before I get started. How boring is that existence where you're not willing to take risks? I am a huge fan of trying new things... well kind of, there's a catch. I will try things once I have weighed them in the "will I end up making a complete fool of myself?" balance. If I cannot answer that with a definitive "no" then I go into "no try" mode. Lame. (of course this is barring the fact that I actually want to look like a fool for a moment because there are times.)

I am not fond of this way of thinking because it becomes self destructive quickly. So today, I am taking a moment to remind myself that it is okay to not have all the answers and to be a bit clueless at times. After all one of may favorite adventures in life is learning and not knowing gives me the opportunity to learn and grow. You know it may just be that no one else actually expects me to know everything that I think I should. I may just be able to forgive myself and move on for actually being human. I am not God, it is not up to me to know it all, just to come to know Him. I think I like that.

04 January 2012

if you're happy and you know it...

...then enjoy it!

I'm so happy, brimming over with joy. Not sure why other than this is how it should be. As I type I have a slight fever, have missed work and have a lot to catch up on at the J-O-B but I'm not worried about it. Maybe it's the excitement of a new year and the hope of the possibilities it holds. Perhaps it is due to the upcoming fast that I know many churches are participating in or have already started and what is being released from heaven. Maybe it's the grace and love of God. Only He knows the exact reason, but I am glad this is the current state of things.

In my past I have struggled with fully enjoying the gift of joy. I busy myself with trying to see what's lurking ahead or looking over my shoulder to see what's coming behind me to steal the joy and then fall over into a pit because I'm not looking where I'm going, thus starting another dark cycle of unhappy. How ungodly is this behavior?! Thinking like this did not in any way help me either, so for the new year I'd like to try something new. I will walk in joy, be grateful for it, love it and be excited about it! Even in the face of the darkness I can be joyful, which is a lesson that I have learned over the years. However, it's not like I'm only called to be joyful when everything seems out of sorts, I am called to be joyful always! (Philippians 4:4) Funny to use this scripture reference in light of being joyful when joy is appropriate.

No matter how this day finds you I pray that joy covers you. May you be richly blessed with His joy that is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

02 January 2012


***Today's feature is brought to you by the Get Over Yourself Group in partnership with It's time to Grow Up Coalition, all under the Grace and Love of God the Ancient, Eternal, Everlasting One.***

I declare openly today that I no longer have a confidence problem. I am not shy, I am not weak or feeble and easily run over. In prayer the Lord reminded me of a few things:

1. I have the deposit of God's Holy Spirit deeply rooted, let's say hardwired, into the core of who I am. He is the seal, the guarantee that I am in God's Family. He works in me to live the full life that I am to live in Christ. He provides the strength, love, honor and armor for life.

2. I have the mind of Christ. I can look at every situation life throws at me through His eyes and understand that He is bigger, better and more powerful than any problem, opponent or spirit that tries to roll up on me. I don't have to know everything because I know Him who does.

3. As I learned recently at church, I was given access to the blessing of Abraham through Christ Jesus' death and resurrection. The three main components of that blessing are elevation, possession and dominion. I can use each right now in every area of my life. I am excited about the opportunity this affords me to bless others.

4. Did I mention that because of the torn veil, I now have access and can run in to the Lord's arms at any time? I can pray, praise and worship Him at close range. No one goes before Him on my behalf, I can enter into His throne room and adore Him and speak with Him at anytime. I love Him! And even better I know He is crazy about me; Yes Jesus loves me!

5. I know the power of His name and can call Him for wisdom, discernment and healing at anytime. I know He loves His children and has given great gifts and wants to continue to pour out blessings in the form of miracles, signs and wonders.  I have authority in my prayer to send the word He speaks to me so that situations will change. Many will see and come to know Him. Their hearts will turn to Him in praise. And in discipling those we will see the change that everyone is looking for that can only be found in Jesus.

In view of this, knowing that I am fully loved and completely accepted by the Eternal Father, the One Who Is Love- what do I have to fear? Why would I hold myself back or sabotage my growth? Well I won't because I know I can bring everything before Him and he will show me the way to go.

I will walk forward READY. 2012 let's go!