04 January 2012

if you're happy and you know it...

...then enjoy it!

I'm so happy, brimming over with joy. Not sure why other than this is how it should be. As I type I have a slight fever, have missed work and have a lot to catch up on at the J-O-B but I'm not worried about it. Maybe it's the excitement of a new year and the hope of the possibilities it holds. Perhaps it is due to the upcoming fast that I know many churches are participating in or have already started and what is being released from heaven. Maybe it's the grace and love of God. Only He knows the exact reason, but I am glad this is the current state of things.

In my past I have struggled with fully enjoying the gift of joy. I busy myself with trying to see what's lurking ahead or looking over my shoulder to see what's coming behind me to steal the joy and then fall over into a pit because I'm not looking where I'm going, thus starting another dark cycle of unhappy. How ungodly is this behavior?! Thinking like this did not in any way help me either, so for the new year I'd like to try something new. I will walk in joy, be grateful for it, love it and be excited about it! Even in the face of the darkness I can be joyful, which is a lesson that I have learned over the years. However, it's not like I'm only called to be joyful when everything seems out of sorts, I am called to be joyful always! (Philippians 4:4) Funny to use this scripture reference in light of being joyful when joy is appropriate.

No matter how this day finds you I pray that joy covers you. May you be richly blessed with His joy that is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)
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