23 June 2015


You want to hush my zeal.
You laugh at my #Activism.
You tell me it isn't real.

You say “Martin wouldn't do that.”
But you forget you killed him too.
I ask you to have empathy.
Something you refuse to do.

And if I say I love my blackness.
You tell me to take it back.
“Because that love excludes all others.”
Another lie you use to attack.

You tell me it's no big deal.
You say that we’re no angels.
To invalidate how we feel.

You say that we are violent.
But lynching was up to you.
You’ll say that I’m the racist.
My life proves that isn’t true.

You’ll lie about our fathers.
Then ignore statistical facts.
You spread your hatred, calling it news.
And try to tell me how to be black.

You want me to make you comfortable.
Or to look a certain way.
I’m still looking for some empathy.
But it didn’t come today.

You tell me my fate is sealed.
Because I’m tinted with melanin.
You think I’m OK to kill.

I’ve sat for years in silence.
And taken my requests to God.
He never told me to ignore violence.
It’s time for Justice to do her job.

There is much work to be done.
And you can come and lend a hand.
You can ask many questions.
But stop making silly demands.

If I want to cry, I’m going to.
And if I feel a protest is right.
That is where you will find me.
Until others have seen the light.

Go ahead and listen to the lies.
Under the wings of those who yell.
Who tell you that we’re looting.
Who tell you that we’ll fail.

But in hundreds of years of oppression.
You have never truly won.
So tell me again how this is senseless.
I refuse to be numb.

It’s time for our nation to heal.
Your discomfort will not stop me.
My voice you’ll never steal.

If my sound annoys you.
Then go ahead and mute.
But many other freedom fighters.
Will follow our noble pursuit.

We are no longer quiet.
We have more stories to tell.
You will hear us in solidarity.
Listen for our quiet yell.

-©Aisha Nichole Willis 2015-
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