13 April 2014

a declaration of legacy

I stand I call I speak to the nations!
Will you be a part of that beloved generation?
The ones who will perceive and faithfully declare
in the face of every obstacle and intense warfare
Can I ask that you be those who will finally believe
today beginning with me is a great legacy?

Yes our story began long before this date and time
and I know there are undesirables in every one of our lines
but we are more than a mistake or someone’s old regret,
our lives aren’t random chance spun on a wheel with placing of bets

No from before the beginning we were seeds in a field divine
and in the fullness each thereof we have sprouted into life
Now it’s our turn to reproduce after we faithfully align
His cultivation has been planned and He husbands each of our lives
and despite threatening toxicity we are pushing through to thrive

We don’t have to force anything, not bound by links of shame,
fear and doubt may be the wind in our faces but at the sound of the Most High Name
these foes must flee and we will fight because we know confidently,
we must live it in order to leave it, now is our time for legacy

Today we’re free with higher aim; impossible is the challenge we gain;
stronger, here to fortify future links within this chain
We know the vision and take our stand because in His hands is the Master Plan
We know our privilege in in this place, supplications for the mercy to take
freedom from the past and receive the present for the world is at stake

Resolutely moving forward, the light of influence never defeated,
seeking recompense for our forefathers defrauded and deceitfully cheated
In those days our ancestors may have given the enemy his due
but we were birthed to obliterate that curse and now it’s time for our move

We speak to every mountain our dominion was long foretold
We know Whose we are and what we’re anointed to take ahold
We are unified together and no oppression will stop us cold
Look out world; it’s time for a change brought on by His children so bold

You can take your traditions and your religion so full of conditions
But as heirs we cry out for more, we are going beyond intentions
We have tasted the age to come so the pressure of contradiction
Only serves to activate our faith to breakthrough to another dimension

We know our decisions today shape the landscape of tomorrow
We will not leave behind us souls who have to beg and scrape and borrow
The restoration of families and the discipling of nations
This gospel of the Kingdom taught to bring reconciliation

This is the change, the “thing” everyone is longing to see
Yes we stand as a generation gratefully willing to be the seed
We will shine the light and give our all to complete this destiny
And history will be our witness that we chose the great victory

So as we stand together and we share in this declaration
We know we have true power; there is no room for imitation
We will leave an inheritance, an overflow of abundance
Wisdom and truth will guide them and faith will be the substance

They will see order restored, and the ones to come redeemed
because you and I submitted and we purposely received,
the word of truth and purest hearts, uncommon weapons as these
are the greatest in our arsenal when it’s time to route deceit.

This virtuous cycle is the impetus that will form
wholeness in our day and hope for what’s to come
joy as we stand together preparing the Bride for the Son
these are the foundations of His soon and coming kingdom

We are as in the beginning in His image with authority
Walking in this restoration with the Seal of the great family
Through revelation we are conduits to set the captives free
We yield to bring heaven to earth; this is our divine legacy.

©2012 Aisha Nichole Willis


08 April 2014

i am here

I am here because I was sent
I was sent because of a plan
I don't know the whole plan
I walk obediently following a call
I'm not good at walking by faith
Everyday I face fear and doubt
Sad to say right now I lose, a lot
You know what?
I am still here because I was sent
There is still a plan
Everyday a little more is revealed
I make decisions because I am not to aimlessly wander
I have been given gifts
My gift is making room for me
Not because of me or anything I've done
It's a spiritual law
Spiritual laws, like natural ones are always in effect
I can work with or against the goodness of the future
I'm not giving up or giving in
I don't know the details of how now gets worked out
I just know it does and it works well
I will not come this way again
I will not be held back or delayed anymore
Let go of what's mine
I see this trick for what it's been
I won't be  your puppet on a string
I'm not going crazy, I'm going free
He called me here
He made a way
He prepared and sent provision
He always wins

07 April 2014

the shore

Image: Cerebrallyvolupte, Deviant Art

I want to go back there into that hazy place
The breeze and temperature like a snapshot
Capturing a moment of perfection
The mist kisses my skin
My hair slightly flowing
The scent is what takes me in
No salt in this air
The sand perfect
Never too coarse or hot
Soft underfoot as I walk
I breathe in the sunset or does it rise
The light abounds
Not just on the horizon
It also seems to come from within
Inhale, exhale
Just the right amount
In and out
I feel so whole
I hear my heartbeat
A rhythm like I’ve never known
I keep time
Breathing deep, sensing everything
I can hear the blood rushing
And then I feel it, the water is at my feet
Washing over me
Not cold, not hot
Just the right warm
And I feel the moisture
Why do I come back here?
Every time like sweet torture
As I turn and look up, the answer is before me
There you are on a distant shore
I can see you
Just the way I want to remember you
And then you’re gone
The mist has taken you again
The kiss on my face is the tears
But I’m grateful for these moments to see you
As you were then, as you are now
Just not how you were in the end
I still loved you then
But you were, no are
so much more
Which is why in my dreams I meet you
On the shore

- Aisha Nichole


06 April 2014

the token

image: garment bag ktg.com

I see you there in the back of my closet
Waiting, patiently, with the cover collecting dust
But from the moment I saw you, I knew you'd be mine

The iridescence, the cascading fabric, the classic cut
Perfect in your simplicity and sophistication
Minimal accessories needed for your adornment

A string of pearls and that royal blue ribbon I bought as an afterthought

A bit heavier than expected, but these days so am I
There will have to be some change before you grace my curves
Like that first time you lighted upon me

I was almost able to zip the hidden closure all the way
I stepped from the dressing room in the hopes of a hand
When the task was done three others declared that you were made for me

As silly as it seemed I brought you home that day
Somehow I allowed your fanciful finery to bewitch me into a dream
Somehow I hoped having you would bring that missing piece

I see you there in the back of the closet
I don't care about your dust
You're just a token of a hopeless dream

because I've yet to become an us

- Aisha Nichole


05 April 2014

the chase, the call

image: clipartbest.com

The pursuit of the Most High God is my life’s highest call
But chasing the dream of comfortable, has led to too many falls

I was taught to follow the money, the surest way to success
Chart your life and schooling according to the salary you’ll get
Now maybe no one owns up to this, but you can bet it’s true
Once they knew I was an artist, it was the best thing they could do

I mean after all they would “save” me, from so much of life’s unrest
And in their own way, they were just looking out for what would be my best
I had to choose something that would produce a great cash flow
And after all with my mind and wit, I was so capable

I could be anything I wanted as long as I would try
So I had to force my creativity over to the other side
I would still be able to use it, just in a different way
Sure the process might kill me but oh well, what the hay

I tried to be so technical and I loved the beautiful forms
But I chained up my love and now my passion is all deformed
I tried so hard to be so good at each and every turn
But after all these years my candle is melted and all burned

So as I stand on this precipice
And take the next small step
I’m returning to my first love
Unsure of what I’ll get

I hear the shadows of your words
Your warnings one and all
But this time it’s my passion 
That breaks forth to stand tall

Whether man notices and bestows his accolades
With certificates of honor or my name known within the trade
That dream of comfort dies today and now takes its fall
I’m reaching for something else, I’ll be known by His call

Before I knew how to, or gained any special skill
He’d gifted me with words from the desk of eternity’s quill
So on this transition’s blank page, I’ll let my inky faith spill
And I will see His plan lived out, and my own dream fulfilled

-Aisha Nichole


the write time

Abstract Clock by: Fatalyze
Yesterday a friend said to me that she didn't have time to write like I do referring to my posts for #NaPoWriMo14. First I was shocked she even noticed I posted the poems and second her statement made me think.

It's not that I have time to develop and write poetry. I have so much homework and articles due for the paper. But I decided to participate in the challenge to write 30 in 30 because I also don't have time not to write.

Writing is a skill and the more I write the better I'll become. Practice, practice, practice. I need to write faster without content loss- deadlines are my friend :) I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself to grow by doing something that makes me uncomfortable. It's going to take discipline, focus and commitment on my part. But I'm silly enough to believe I can do it.

My friend Cheryl was the one who suggested I should give it a try and I'm grateful she took the time to encourage me. I tried to get out of it by doing one post per week but no, I can do at least a little bit everyday.


04 April 2014


I'll tell you a secret that I didn't think was real
hiding in plain sight you'd never guess how I feel
although it may appear that I never think on such things
vague and distant at the core of me there is this little dream and
everything lately reminds me of this it seems.
Bubbling over with excitement, I've seen you in my dreams
allowing my heart to surrender to a very special team
bragging over and over of the mundane things you'll do
yet I awake each day to find your presence isn't true.
Fading into memory although the experience was never true
engaged in the daydream of all the things our family will do
venting all my frustrations to anyone who will hear
each time I wish I was learning to treasure you my dear
rest assured I want to see you because I finally fought past the fear.

-Aisha Nichole


03 April 2014

the write decision

Today I decide to write
the fact that when write
it's a fight that I feel I never win.

There's always the argument
of where to begin
how do I feel?
what do I say?
and who cares at the end of the day?

The critical self
unleashing hell
would love to dispel
the hope and life
from the words I write.

But the light
within what I write
is an addiction that I keep giving in.

It's more than a living
it's how I keep giving
even when I have nothing
but in this gift is
everything I need.

So now that I've been bitten
I'll forever be smitten by
the desire of all the words yet to be written.

-Aisha Nichole