07 April 2014

the shore

Image: Cerebrallyvolupte, Deviant Art

I want to go back there into that hazy place
The breeze and temperature like a snapshot
Capturing a moment of perfection
The mist kisses my skin
My hair slightly flowing
The scent is what takes me in
No salt in this air
The sand perfect
Never too coarse or hot
Soft underfoot as I walk
I breathe in the sunset or does it rise
The light abounds
Not just on the horizon
It also seems to come from within
Inhale, exhale
Just the right amount
In and out
I feel so whole
I hear my heartbeat
A rhythm like I’ve never known
I keep time
Breathing deep, sensing everything
I can hear the blood rushing
And then I feel it, the water is at my feet
Washing over me
Not cold, not hot
Just the right warm
And I feel the moisture
Why do I come back here?
Every time like sweet torture
As I turn and look up, the answer is before me
There you are on a distant shore
I can see you
Just the way I want to remember you
And then you’re gone
The mist has taken you again
The kiss on my face is the tears
But I’m grateful for these moments to see you
As you were then, as you are now
Just not how you were in the end
I still loved you then
But you were, no are
so much more
Which is why in my dreams I meet you
On the shore

- Aisha Nichole

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