06 April 2014

the token

image: garment bag ktg.com

I see you there in the back of my closet
Waiting, patiently, with the cover collecting dust
But from the moment I saw you, I knew you'd be mine

The iridescence, the cascading fabric, the classic cut
Perfect in your simplicity and sophistication
Minimal accessories needed for your adornment

A string of pearls and that royal blue ribbon I bought as an afterthought

A bit heavier than expected, but these days so am I
There will have to be some change before you grace my curves
Like that first time you lighted upon me

I was almost able to zip the hidden closure all the way
I stepped from the dressing room in the hopes of a hand
When the task was done three others declared that you were made for me

As silly as it seemed I brought you home that day
Somehow I allowed your fanciful finery to bewitch me into a dream
Somehow I hoped having you would bring that missing piece

I see you there in the back of the closet
I don't care about your dust
You're just a token of a hopeless dream

because I've yet to become an us

- Aisha Nichole


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