05 April 2014

the chase, the call

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The pursuit of the Most High God is my life’s highest call
But chasing the dream of comfortable, has led to too many falls

I was taught to follow the money, the surest way to success
Chart your life and schooling according to the salary you’ll get
Now maybe no one owns up to this, but you can bet it’s true
Once they knew I was an artist, it was the best thing they could do

I mean after all they would “save” me, from so much of life’s unrest
And in their own way, they were just looking out for what would be my best
I had to choose something that would produce a great cash flow
And after all with my mind and wit, I was so capable

I could be anything I wanted as long as I would try
So I had to force my creativity over to the other side
I would still be able to use it, just in a different way
Sure the process might kill me but oh well, what the hay

I tried to be so technical and I loved the beautiful forms
But I chained up my love and now my passion is all deformed
I tried so hard to be so good at each and every turn
But after all these years my candle is melted and all burned

So as I stand on this precipice
And take the next small step
I’m returning to my first love
Unsure of what I’ll get

I hear the shadows of your words
Your warnings one and all
But this time it’s my passion 
That breaks forth to stand tall

Whether man notices and bestows his accolades
With certificates of honor or my name known within the trade
That dream of comfort dies today and now takes its fall
I’m reaching for something else, I’ll be known by His call

Before I knew how to, or gained any special skill
He’d gifted me with words from the desk of eternity’s quill
So on this transition’s blank page, I’ll let my inky faith spill
And I will see His plan lived out, and my own dream fulfilled

-Aisha Nichole


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