05 April 2014

the write time

Abstract Clock by: Fatalyze
Yesterday a friend said to me that she didn't have time to write like I do referring to my posts for #NaPoWriMo14. First I was shocked she even noticed I posted the poems and second her statement made me think.

It's not that I have time to develop and write poetry. I have so much homework and articles due for the paper. But I decided to participate in the challenge to write 30 in 30 because I also don't have time not to write.

Writing is a skill and the more I write the better I'll become. Practice, practice, practice. I need to write faster without content loss- deadlines are my friend :) I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself to grow by doing something that makes me uncomfortable. It's going to take discipline, focus and commitment on my part. But I'm silly enough to believe I can do it.

My friend Cheryl was the one who suggested I should give it a try and I'm grateful she took the time to encourage me. I tried to get out of it by doing one post per week but no, I can do at least a little bit everyday.

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