01 November 2005

The Name Game

Hello friends! Back in July Chris asked for help in naming his car and was successful in finding something he enjoys. I now ask for that same help but I am naming my guitar. It is an Epiphone Dot Studio Semi-Hollow in Alpine White. I have a few possible choices but if you have anything please add it.

11/3 - We're down to the final two!!

a. Autumn Skye
b. Yukina

11/2 - No more new names. Please help me pick from this list of 10, Autumn Skye included (thanks Mary)
Out of the Race:
a. Autumn X
b. Baby Nimbus X
Harley Quinn X
d. Liliana
e. Pearlie X
f. Sailor Moon X
g. Skye X
h. Skylar X
i. V.S. X
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