13 December 2006

Women Are Evil...

... it's just a basic truth.

It's a side effect of having to put up with all the BS brought on by stupid boys. Trust me you cannot cry enough tears to shed the evil that resides within. Now not all women are evil but the ones that are have to shell out enough for those that aren't.

11 December 2006

Boys Are Stupid...

Throw rocks at them!

a friend has this on her MySpace and it made me laugh. I thought I would share it with you

06 December 2006


The Dixie Chicks were in town last night and I ended up with a ticket at the last minute, YAY! (thanks to my guitar teacher) The show was GREAT. I don't care if you don't like the things they have to say or their opinions, there is no denying the musicianship. Their vocal harmonies and ability to play their respective instruments was impressive. I have all their CDs and enjoy them but having seen the live show my respect level for thier talent has gone up yet again. Seriously Martie makes me wish I had been an orch dork in school and learned to play the violin and viola. Emily picking away on that banjo and one wicked cool Telecaster made me want to go home and practice right away and Natalie is... well yeah I'm so jealous of her voice (and her ability to perform in 3-1/2" heels) *L* In any case it was tons of fun and that is a ticket I will be looking forward to having again in the future. Just not in the ceiling next time, the AAC is huge!