29 November 2005


for EW

Last night she slept with the light on-
As a child bedtime fears are thwarted by simple measures:

- close the closet door
- sleep completely covered up
- say your prayers
- turn on the night light

But what happens when the soft, glowing light is not enough to turn your fear aside?
It's time to turn on the lamp at your bedside.
Sleep. She is tired. She needs to rest.
She knows she should sleep.
She can't. She won't.

While asleep she is vulnerable and unable to fight.
Does fear keep her awake? Possibly. Grief? Definitely.
She will only allow herself to rest under the cover of light,
She will see him if he comes in the night.
She will not go with him, not tonight.

Once again she has slept by light,
But maybe, just maybe that light of night
has bought her another day, one more day.

Last night she slept with the light on
And I am so glad that she did
because maybe, just maybe
That means I get to see her again.

The light is her comfort,
I will not take it away
Her I will not question
But we will be happy one more day,
at least one more day.

Last night she slept with the light on.

23 November 2005

Girls CAN Rock!!

Nothing says it like
Daisy Rock!!

Thanks Tish and Michael.

22 November 2005

Hey, How Are You?

I am only fine until someone wants to know how I am doing.

I have to enter into the empty silence, in which my soul resides,

there a voice invades my meditative quiet, jars me and makes me think of that which

I would rather hide.

I have no desire to face what is true in my heart,

I don't want to think on how I feel thus

I will further reach farther to black out in the quiet, silent empty.

15 November 2005

Ultra Platinum

Mariah Carey - The Emancipation of Mimi

Do I really need to say anything? It's Mariah Carey! Every song is wonderful, whether it's the beautiful sharing of the pain that remains from a broken heart or the straight up club banging, shake ya ass hits. Track by track it's time to get free with Mimi!

11 November 2005

Cosas del Amor

Enrique Iglesias - Cosas del Amor (1998)

Spanish Releases: Quizas (2002), Vivir (1997), Enrique Iglesias (1995)

#1 - Nunca Te Olvidaré

#2 - Cosas del Amor

#3 - Esperanza

#4 - Desnudo

#6 - Alguien Como Tú

This is my favorite Enrique Iglesias cd, I absolutely adore it. It was his 3rd effort and the predecessor to his first English album. There is unmistakable growth in his voice and songwriting (and the entire songwriting team) from the self titled debut in 1995 to this 1998 work. I genuinely enjoy listening to every song and can put the disc in and let it repeat multiple times. The best song in my opinion is "Alguien Como Tú", "Somebody Like You". The general idea of the song is that he's seen and experienced love but none of it comes close to this one. Yes it is full of cheesy love songs. One was so cheesy in fact that it was used as a theme song for a popular telenovela. Lots of emotions and beautiful mental pictures to be experienced here. Enjoy!!

10 November 2005

Disappointment and Frustration

There are days where getting out of bed is just not worth the time or effort. Try and try and try again and no matter what I'm bound to f*$k up. The plain and simple easy are always the hardest things to do. Misery and failure are my closest friends. My consistent ability to not get it right is the only consistency I have. I seriously hate life. Why exist when each time you think you have learned you go back and make the same damned mistake again? My life is the biggest waste of time. I am taking up some intelligent person's oxygen. I'm angry and unhappy and tired, I never get to get it right.

I'm ADORABLE, *itches!!!!!

Thanks to Addison for the link.

you are... Noodle

Which member of the Gorillaz are you?

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09 November 2005

Writer's Block

When thought is in order, my brain is not so. So many times, so many days, so many thoughts, too many to process or hold. But the days they are needed for purposeful function they are nowhere to be found. Out goofing off I suppose, leaving me to feel as an empty shell without the power to do anything outside the mundane routine of this boring daily life. Tumble weeds, crickets, loud HVAC and that ever present clearing of the throat to remind you that something should be filling this space. What is it? Where have you gone and why won't you come back? Oh sure I know the thought process will return but only after the deadline has passed. With my mouth I agreed knowing all along my ability would leave, there is no point for me to try, it's time to give up and go on by, I'll make yet another promise a different day and break it and someone's heart that way.... Why say 'yes' when 'no' was so easy now I'm stuck with pain and guilt and failure. Thought, creativity, brilliance and genius, perfection - the stuff of dreams.

07 November 2005

The People Have Spoken

The votes are in, polls are closed and the winner is ....

Thank you to everyone who voted and to Evett and Mary L for being the first to vote on this moniker. Yukina had zero votes and was about to be pulled when their votes came in and kept it in the race. In the end it was very close: 9/ 12.

01 November 2005

The Name Game

Hello friends! Back in July Chris asked for help in naming his car and was successful in finding something he enjoys. I now ask for that same help but I am naming my guitar. It is an Epiphone Dot Studio Semi-Hollow in Alpine White. I have a few possible choices but if you have anything please add it.

11/3 - We're down to the final two!!

a. Autumn Skye
b. Yukina

11/2 - No more new names. Please help me pick from this list of 10, Autumn Skye included (thanks Mary)
Out of the Race:
a. Autumn X
b. Baby Nimbus X
Harley Quinn X
d. Liliana
e. Pearlie X
f. Sailor Moon X
g. Skye X
h. Skylar X
i. V.S. X