13 June 2017

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Reaction: Like Morning Follows Night

BlackSun RWBY Tumblr

Wait! I see neither morning, nor night. What's happening here, Aisha? Well, nothing yet.

The RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack & Score won't be released until June 16, 2017. So until then, no arguments about whether or not this song is another allusion to Black Sun (Eclipse). Of course, I totally think it is, just like "Not Fall In Love" from Volume 3. But I'm not here for ship wars as much as I am for music. 😁

All of that to say, my reaction will be available sometime within the next couple of weeks after release. In the meantime, if you haven't read the introduction, check out the first post. Make sure to grab your pre-order on iTunes or Amazon, or grab a hard copy in the Rooster Teeth Store when it's available.

Rock on, y'all!

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Songs List

  1. Let’s Just Live
  2. Like Morning Follows Night
  3. Bad Luck Charm
  4. This Life is Mine
  5. Home
  6. Armed and Ready
  7. Lusus Naturae
  8. Bumblb
Lyrics on RWBY Wikia or Lyric Videos on FlyntofRWBYNation's YouTube.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Reaction: Let’s Just Live

RWBY Poster by kimmy77 on DeviantArt

These are my thoughts on “Let’s Just Live” from the RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack. For more details on each of the song posts check out my introduction here. If you’re looking for a different song, hyperlinks at the bottom of the page will get you there quickly. Enjoy!

The RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Reaction Awakens

Many of the new songs for RWBY Volume 4 made a big impression upon me, but this one hit me right in the heart. I’ve loved “Let’s Just Live” from the first time I heard that opening drum and guitar drive, and this full-length version only reinforced my affinity for it.

It took me almost 20 minutes to get through the five-minute song, because I kept pausing so I could reflect or cry. Lately, I’ve struggled with the value of my life, if it has any meaning other than repeated failure. I’ve wondered why I keep trying, why do I keep fighting when life continues to dole out utter trash? I know, that’s just life. To see what’s happening all around the world and feel like there’s nothing I can do to help, to see friends and family struggle and not have anything to give; it’s tempting to want to give up. Incredibly tempting.

Hearing the anthemic declaration “Let’s Just Live” is just what I needed. I am ridiculously moved by words and music, so this is powerful to me.

The second verse continues to tell the story of Beacon’s favorite students and the challenges they’ve faced as the realities of life smacked them in the face. There are some moments here where matching the lyrical flow of the first verse get a little, interesting; but it doesn’t halt the experience.

By the time it gets to the breakdown in the latter half of the song, that’s exactly what happened to me. I paused as the tears ran down my cheeks. I listened to the words, more than a couple of times in that slowed down section.

I love the theatrical build of this song. It comes back with a powerhouse guitar solo and finishes with an altered chorus for the outro. Man, it is so good!

Final Thoughts on Let's Just Live

Life has its ups and downs, but we make decisions to get back up when we fall, to face the scary parts, to move forward even when we’re faithless or feel that everything has fallen apart. I really do love this song! Oh and the Easter egg in here - all aboard the Feels Express. Jeff Williams has my heart in his hands.

It’s not without its hiccups. There are parts where the mix seems weird, maybe it’s just my audio setup, but overall it’s a strong showing.

The RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack & Score will be available June 16, 2017, and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. Hard copies are sure to be available in the Rooster Teeth Store.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Songs List

  1. Let’s Just Live
  2. Like Morning Follows Night
  3. Bad Luck Charm
  4. This Life is Mine
  5. Home
  6. Armed and Ready
  7. Lusus Naturae
  8. Bumblb
Lyrics on RWBY Wikia or Lyric Videos on FlyntofRWBYNation's YouTube.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Reaction: Beacon’s Ready to Bop!

Cover Art for the
RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack & Score
The RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack and Score has a release date of June 16, 2017 and four tracks are available for pre-order now on both iTunes and Amazon. Nothing in the Rooster Teeth Store yet, but as of "print" promotional social media has begun.

Yes, I downloaded the pre-order; darn my impatience when it comes to music! I wasn’t planning on a write up, but three minutes into “Let’s Just Live” that changed. Jeff Williams loves playing with emotions, I see.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack: The Way My Reactions are Set Up

My RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack reactions were written in the moment to capture the Oh My Gosh This is FINALLY Happening! of it. I paused long enough to write out how I felt or what I was thinking. I say this because there are sudden transitions, which I left unfiltered, because I hope it better captures the moment. I edited for grammar and, full disclosure, there are some spots where I went back to complete my thought.

The first paragraph for each song has my initial thoughts, based on what we knew from its appearance in the show, or in the case of “Bumblb” how much I think Jeff Williams loves trolling the fandom. Because, c’mon y’all know he had fun at the expense of BumbleBY shippers. I’m going to laugh if he later says it’s a ReNora song, or something crazy like that.

In addition to my reactions, I’ve added thoughts on the songs themselves, lyrics, production, musicality, etc. I don’t want to call it a legit review, but it’s as close as I get. As some of the reactions had quite a bit of content, I’ve split them into separate posts and provided links to navigate directly to each song.

When the full soundtrack is available, I’ll add the other four songs. Yes, I know full versions of “Armed and Ready” and “Lusus Naturae” already exist, but those aren’t final so I’ll wait. Y’all rock, thanks for stopping in. Click below to quickly move to the various recaps.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Songs List

  1. Let’s Just Live
  2. Like Morning Follows Night
  3. Bad Luck Charm
  4. This Life is Mine
  5. Home
  6. Armed and Ready
  7. Lusus Naturae
  8. Bumblb
Lyrics on RWBY Wikia or Lyric Videos on FlyntofRWBYNation's YouTube.

27 May 2017

RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Who You Gonna Call?

*note: this review has potential spoilers if you’re not caught up with the main RWBY series*

Salutations! The title alone for RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 2, Geist Buster, begs for this post to be riddled with 80s references, jokes and slang. (You did read the title, right?) How can I fall for such a cheap trick? There’s a lot a material for a girl to work with, but I’ll try my best not to push it too far. Are you giving me the, “Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” face yet? Surely you knew I would not resist. Surely. Let’s check out what the beautiful ones are up to in this week’s episode!

RWBY Chibi Lit up by Literature

Our first short, “Book Lovers” starts with the belle of the bookish ball, Blake, immersed in a good book. Enter the RY of Team RWBY. An “innocent” question leads to monumental joy from the usually somber Baewatch #1, who is convinced her teammates have finally converted into normal, book-loving people. Look at this sheer happiness!

Screenshot: Hello Happy Kitty!
She likes big books and she cannot lie, these other kittens can’t deny/ When she sees a thick spine, with a story that’s divine, she hits a yowl/ Kitty got stacks!
Now to be certain, the Xiao Long-Rose sisters are not to be trusted. Do they want to expand their minds? Of course not! Their cheeky chuckles are a dead giveaway there will be no enjoyment of the written word. Heathens! #smh #icant #wtf

Screenshot: Feel the wrath of Team Xiao Long-Rose

Yang may be Baewatch #2, but dafuq you doing boo? What did books ever do to you? At least she continues to embody Pun-kelman-senpai’s sense of humor. Anyone else expect a punny book title and pause the video? Your unlocked achievement reward was book titles, “How to Arm Yourself” and “Another Pun” thrown from Yang’s right hand. Pure, freaking comedic GOLD!

Additional book titles: Slave to the Sword, The Man With Two Souls, The Sais of Passion, How to Read and Write: Part 1

Just Monkeying Around

RWBY Chibi Season 2 continues to give us Sun, as he swings his tail into action in the bump. It made me think of the old Fairy Tail bumps with Happy. We move on to a saddened Neptune attempting to clean and polish his Vale Junior Detective badge, lamenting its inability to shine. (Yet another song in your head!)

This short, aptly titled “Shiny Badge” continues with some peanut butter, cheeky lines from Sun and a super cute Zwei… and that’s really all I can say about that. I mean Sun and Zwei, in the same shot, what else do you need? Also once you watch it #ewwwwgross!

Gutbusting Geistbusters

The next bump stars fan-favorite villain and master of the permanent hair flip, Roman Torchwick. I always thought he’d go out with a bang, but he got Attack on Titan’ed instead. But I digress.

Best girl is back with her Wile E. Coyote-esque signs. She’s neat, petite and cruelly sweet - it’s Neo!! The one person who can kick Baewatch #2’s butt and I won’t mind. In "Geist Buster", Torchwick is devising a nefarious scheme to end the girls called Plan G. A sneaky little poltergeist Grimm is sent on its way to wreak havoc. Hello maniacal, evil overlord laugh!

Blake is literally not having any luck with books today. Chibi Yang punching at the air in an attempt to fight stray books is cuter than it should be. And Snow Angel works Myrtenaster to try to lend a hand, but all of their efforts fall flat.

The Devious Duo go on to destroy “Little Red”, when they find her with the other favorite kitchen ninja, Ren! His perfect pancakes quickly become home to a new host, causing our heroes pain and leaving Roman to believe he’s finally won.

Until Nora, Ms. Steal Yo Scene casually enters the picture. I don’t know how Samantha Ireland gets through her lines, there has to be hours of outtake laughter. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but Torchwick’s plans burn out, thanks to the Valkyrie.

Screenshot: Nora, the hero we all deserve.
All she does is win, win, win no matter what.

RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 2 Final Thoughts

RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 2 was super short at only 2:57. I laughed, on the first and third shorts and I was grossed out by the second one. Well, honestly I did laugh at Mr Cool not being able to keep up; I’m so mean! It’s not my favorite episode but it was solid, in my opinion. That may have to do with the large amount of Blake and/ or Yang screen time. You’ve probably noticed, they’re my faves.

The RWBY Chibi wardrobe styling is pretty freaking amazing! The attention to detail for all the characters is quite something. From the rich value of the ombre on Blake’s tights, to the vivid red ruffles on Ruby’s skirt and boots, to the brilliance of Yang’s emblem, transparency of the sheer on her skirt, to the little, bitty lavender bandana at her chubby knees, and the way Weiss’s patterns stand out, these animators must love what they’re doing! It’s also noticeable with Neo and Roman, with all the little markings we know so well from their 2D counterparts. Who else just thought of this guy?

What did you think of RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 2? Did the adorable Zwei gross you out? Is Nora your hero? Comments are open.

Adventure Points:
  • Puns are fun! 
  • Plan G Easter egg

20 May 2017

RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - My Cheeks are Red Like Roses from Laughter

RWBY Chibi Season 2
Team RWBY Fan Poster by RaidenRaider

*note: this review has potential spoilers if you’re not caught up with the main RWBY series*

Laugh and the world laughs with you, laugh at yourself and you’ll always be entertained. My twist on a classic quote and something I try to live by to keep myself from being so dang serious. Laughing at yourself is good, unless you’re like the Joker, then it’s probably criminal, but I digress. Let’s get to recapping RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 1: Director Ozpin!

RWBY Chibi Season 2 picks on RWBY writers

Geeks, nerds, and the like, it’s back! RWBY Chibi is ready to tickle our funniest bones, and as the above intro suggests, Rooster Teeth is poking fun at themselves. This begins with the stunted observation powers of usually wise headmaster, Professor Ozpin, pre-Oscar nomination transmutation, in the “Director Ozpin” short.

We have the same adorable intro as last year until Baewatch #2, aka Yang, accidentally uses her super strength to push over the “CHIBI” portion of what is revealed to be a set, causing Baewatch #1, Blake, to tumble from the RWBY portion up top, and fall onto Yang’s head. Two seconds in, and we already have shipping AND handling; and all the BumbleBY shippers fangasmed.

RWBY Chibi Screenshot: BumbleBY Shipping

In strides Chibi Ozpin *fangirl squeal* to find out what’s going on when Ruby suddenly starts to have the Scooby-gang worthy idea that maybe there is subterfuge within the ranks?! *gasp* Our wistfully optimistic Ozpin tries to put her anxious mind at ease, laughing off her concerns, and sending our brave huntresses-in-training to play in the Grimm-filled woods. < sarcasm font >What a leader!< /sarcasm font > I won’t say exactly what happens, but Mercury and Emerald are on hand at opportune moments.

To wrap it up with the ultimate burn (yes, yes I said it), Cinder is there to add her fiery, sarcastic pokes at Miles’s and Kerry’s writing. I mean, why not? The rest of the fandom does it.

Side note: Can I just say that Kara’s delivery of Weiss’s “so not here for the shenanigans” voice makes me think of the greatness that is Rihanna’s don’t give a funk attitude. It’s a thing of glory and beauty. Thank you Kara, I applaud you.

RWBY Chibi is out of this world

I don’t know why CRWBY enjoys tap dancing on our geeky little hearts, but they do it. Often. Making us alternate between laughter and tears like pubescent teenagers, à la Katie Ka-Boom, with their stories. The bump before the next short, “UFO” prominently features Pyrrah’s (pour one out for the homie) shield spinning across the screen. Yes, this is right after watching Ozpin get handled by Cinder. Rooster Teeth, feel the burn of my side eye. ALL. OF. IT.

In any event, Nora, Queen of the Boopdom, Jaune, the Duke of Personality, and Pyrrah, our beloved, inCinderated Knight are gathered around farm toys (a callback to Season 1's Compost King), producing their own alien abduction story, where the spinning shield is the “UFO” (excellent transition, btw). It all falls to hell suddenly when Pyrrah loses control due to a sneeze. Yay for the return of Jen Brown’s epic “Sorry!” Also, Nora with her extraness; the trauma, the drama! Boop.

RWBY Chibi: JNPR Shenanigans

No dodging friendship in RWBY Chibi

Finally, it’s time for a friendly game of “Dodgeball” in the short of the same name. Ruby, Yang, Jaune, Nora, Absmaster Sun, Bro No Hydro Neptune, Zwei!!! and the ever-precious, Penny are gathered here today to get through this thing called Awkward Social Interactions.

After some Captain Obvious-style statements from Bro No, the game begins, faces are crushed and mega-important extremities lost in retaliation. Although obvious in heading, the schtick was still funny af and we’re treated to an ending shot of a poised and happy Penny and Bro No, decked out in his Junior Detective ‘stache, so all’s well that ends well.

Final thoughts on RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 1

I’m excited for the new season of mini RWBY goodness, and ready to laugh my *** off. I thought this was a solid episode, clocking in at just over three minutes, with three shorts giving us Zwei, two new Chibi versions of characters, three villains, the four mains, and five friends. (see what I did there?) The animation is lovely, almost sparkly and I like the return of the vibrant colors and whimsical music. As a final note, character wardrobes continue to follow Volumes 1 - 3.

It’s great to hear all the voices, and yes I readily admit, Lindsay’s Ruby makes me happy — fight me. It would be great to see Chibi Ironwood (OMG how do you even make him adorable?), Glynda (but yeah, I know), Klein, Qrow with a baby flask, and Raven simply because she’s a badass and I want to see that in cutesy form.

Taking shots at themselves was a great way to start the new season. I’m hoping to see more RT-worthy antics, dry humor, and find Easter eggs from other Rooster Teeth properties in RWBY Chibi Season 2.

Which RWBY characters do you hope to see in Season 2? Are there any stories you’re hoping they tell? What did you think of the first episode?

Adventure Points:

18 April 2017

Worthless Dreams

I hate dreams.

I aged into it. As a child, I loved them. I lived for them. I now know I wasted so much time, head in the clouds, certain the world would change through dedication and hard work.

It hasn't. It refuses.

And so, as many who have gone before me, I find dreams and any semblance thereof,c to be of little value.

Dreams are nightmares waiting to happen.

Dreams are waiting for a seeming eternity and yet "fulfilled" in anti-climaxes.

Dreams are internet trolls pranking us.

Dreams (well fulfilled ones) live in a village I can't find the directions to.

Dreams are debilitating.

Dreams take your breath away and laugh as the sparks of hope that once danced in your eyes flicker out.

Follow your dreams, be brave, step on the edge, fall to a figurative death.

Get better or get bitter, or best yet, stop having dreams and there's nothing to worry about.

F*ck hope and her sister faith.

Dream at your own risk.

18 January 2017

I'm Building My Own Sandbox

I will succeed. I will be happy, healthy, financially stable, debt free, and able to give exceedingly. I will have time to spend with my family and friends.

Not everyone's path is the same. Not everyone's success is similar. Tenacity is important, but one person's drive may not resemble another's.

Our differences in approach to life are as diverse as our external makeup. I've often discounted and disqualified myself because I'm not like the other people I admire who are incredibly successful.

But we all have our own ways.

Life likes to help you along sometimes, forcing you to make a quick choice or by virtue of needing to put food on the table, you're moved into something maybe you wouldn't have chosen.

But I believe in THE DIVINE, not coincidence.

I downplayed the friend who said maybe I was like other geniuses... she said when they didn't fit, they created their own paths. I thought she was being silly. After all, I'm no {insert famous trailblazers name here}.

But later, I asked myself why not? Why couldn't I be like them? Why wouldn't I be like them? I'm not difficult for the fun of it; I'm particular.

I do GOOD work, and when I'm with the right team, it's GREAT work. But as a person who has said for years it's important for me to know the rules so that I know I'm effectively breaking them, I think she might be on to something.

Chaos, disorder, problems... I see it and I solve it. And in my mind if I've done it correctly, you never have to know I was there. Communication is one of the major keys to problem solving. I have a knack for it. This post may be disjointed as all get out, but I usually present polished information - whether verbally delivered or via print. I take pride in that.

Mediation is important to me in an effort to reach reconciliation. That doesn't mean everything is delivered in "acceptable," milquetoast, mamby-pambyisms either. But that desire within me to use communication to reach better conclusions, that's a marketable skill. The ability to assimilate information into viable strategies, yeah people pay "consultants" for that.

As another friend said to me recently, "Don't give all that away for free. Do not be afraid to let people know that's how you earn your living." Or in Aisha terms, "My mind is my moneymaker."

I may be the world's latest bloomer but you will feel the light of my life shine on you at some point, whether you know it or not.

I'm building my own sandbox and the castles therein.