13 June 2017

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Reaction: Beacon’s Ready to Bop!

Cover Art for the
RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack & Score
The RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack and Score has a release date of June 16, 2017 and four tracks are available for pre-order now on both iTunes and Amazon. Nothing in the Rooster Teeth Store yet, but as of "print" promotional social media has begun.

Yes, I downloaded the pre-order; darn my impatience when it comes to music! I wasn’t planning on a write up, but three minutes into “Let’s Just Live” that changed. Jeff Williams loves playing with emotions, I see.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack: The Way My Reactions are Set Up

My RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack reactions were written in the moment to capture the Oh My Gosh This is FINALLY Happening! of it. I paused long enough to write out how I felt or what I was thinking. I say this because there are sudden transitions, which I left unfiltered, because I hope it better captures the moment. I edited for grammar and, full disclosure, there are some spots where I went back to complete my thought.

The first paragraph for each song has my initial thoughts, based on what we knew from its appearance in the show, or in the case of “Bumblb” how much I think Jeff Williams loves trolling the fandom. Because, c’mon y’all know he had fun at the expense of BumbleBY shippers. I’m going to laugh if he later says it’s a ReNora song, or something crazy like that.

In addition to my reactions, I’ve added thoughts on the songs themselves, lyrics, production, musicality, etc. I don’t want to call it a legit review, but it’s as close as I get. As some of the reactions had quite a bit of content, I’ve split them into separate posts and provided links to navigate directly to each song.

When the full soundtrack is available, I’ll add the other four songs. Yes, I know full versions of “Armed and Ready” and “Lusus Naturae” already exist, but those aren’t final so I’ll wait. Y’all rock, thanks for stopping in. Click below to quickly move to the various recaps.

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Songs List

  1. Let’s Just Live
  2. Like Morning Follows Night
  3. Bad Luck Charm
  4. This Life is Mine
  5. Home
  6. Armed and Ready
  7. Lusus Naturae
  8. Bumblb
Lyrics on RWBY Wikia or Lyric Videos on FlyntofRWBYNation's YouTube.
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