13 June 2017

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Reaction: Like Morning Follows Night

BlackSun RWBY Tumblr

Wait! I see neither morning, nor night. What's happening here, Aisha? Well, nothing yet.

The RWBY Volume 4 Original Soundtrack & Score won't be released until June 16, 2017. So until then, no arguments about whether or not this song is another allusion to Black Sun (Eclipse). Of course, I totally think it is, just like "Not Fall In Love" from Volume 3. But I'm not here for ship wars as much as I am for music. 😁

All of that to say, my reaction will be available sometime within the next couple of weeks after release. In the meantime, if you haven't read the introduction, check out the first post. Make sure to grab your pre-order on iTunes or Amazon, or grab a hard copy in the Rooster Teeth Store when it's available.

Rock on, y'all!

RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack Songs List

  1. Let’s Just Live
  2. Like Morning Follows Night
  3. Bad Luck Charm
  4. This Life is Mine
  5. Home
  6. Armed and Ready
  7. Lusus Naturae
  8. Bumblb
Lyrics on RWBY Wikia or Lyric Videos on FlyntofRWBYNation's YouTube.
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