23 August 2006

How It's Going to Be

I am scared of the many unknowns but I trust God is working and conducting this orchestra. I do not understand everything (nor do I need to) but I am content. I am going to smile anyway.

My grandmother is in heaven. She finished the work she was here for and now she has eternal, peaceful rest. That makes me happy.

My job will end on September 1 and I'm not sure what will happen after that but I will be taken care of. I am grateful for my Starbucks job. I have met some great people and I have also made friends. Friendship is vital to me. That makes me happy.

Yes, I am still waiting and holding out hope that my counterpart is out there but I also know that I am being prepared. I am being molded into the woman I need to be. I am working hard at being a good daughter, sister and friend. I have an awesome family and great friends. I have certain freedoms as a single person that are not to be taken lightly so I am grateful for that. Also I had a thought today that just as I am praying to find him, there is some random guy out there praying to find me. Sounds kind of sappy but that makes me happy.

My family and friends are depending on God to find the strength that they need to face the challenges in their lives. They are asking for help and working the situations out. Some of them are just braving each day and moving forward. They will not be taken down by the harsh realities and unfair punches that life throws. That makes me happy.

So Aisha, you who believe in God and know without a doubt that you are His daughter, plant your mustard seed and let it grow.
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