01 April 2012

dream again

It is time to dream again! I have planted seeds within you that are coming up and it is closer to time for the harvest. Yes that impossible dream that no knows but Me, I put it there. I am not calling you to something I have not equipped you for. I do not send the inexperienced into battle. Your time with Me has been your basic training. The struggles in your life have been the training ground, the exercise of your faith there has been your preparation to go in and take the mountain before you now. As my servant Caleb, you can go confidently in Me, knowing that victory is assured.

Open your ears and close your eyes that you may see what I have planted in you. Each of you has a mission for now and the seeds of the future are being watered, tended and are growing. At the right time, they will break the surface and bloom into what they need to be. Each blossom that buds must return to the ground to multiply, keep close to me, the place your heart was meant to be and watch Me. I will accomplish my dream and it will be with you.
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