08 April 2012

shift gears: thrive

Did I not declare that I would bring change?
How many times have I told you that waiting is not what it seems to you?

I do My work while you are asleep
I shift and rearrange so you won’t taste defeat
I made you victorious, My beloved one
Your challengers were destroyed long ago by My Son
Though time may seem short, My plan’s already begun
I’ll tell you again, you’ve already won!

Walk as I tell you and speak My decrees,
The quieter you live the more of Me they will see
Everything you need, I already have
Come follow Me, your Ever Loving Dad
I will never give up, just give in to Me
Surrender in peace, I Am all that you need

I’ve given you this story, I brought it to life
You my beautiful one are now fully alive
I’ve place My Spirit in you, anointed you for the task
Do you need anything of Me? The key is to ask
I’ve set you up to prepare My Son’s bride
Speak to the nations, reconcile and revive!

Worry no more for I send you this day
Command every mountain to move out of your way
I Am truly with you, not only by your side
I flow from within you
It’s with My love that you Thrive!

originally written Nov 26 2011
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