13 February 2012

lovequest moonlight

If there were a trellis under the balcony outside my window, would you visit me in the light of the full moon and sing the praises of my love? Would you stand below and court my heart by tickling my ears with your clever phrases and use sound pictures to take me places? Would the purity of your love permeate the structures that separate us and enter into my soul to show your self, true self to me? Would you, as a gentleman, if I met you in the garden underneath my window nervously smile as I walk shyly by? What’s this has our love brought a tear to my eye?
Would you on a warm summer night take my hand under radiant moonlight and lead me in a dance to the song of our beating hearts? As I look into your eyes reflecting the light from the moon, can you see my heart that burns because I love you? Now we follow garden paths, wandering in this maze, taking in the scent of luscious flowers, wishing this moment to go on for days. All too soon our journey comes to an end and we are back to where we began. We stand here beneath the trellis and what will you do, what can we say? And as you draw me close I hear those words that push away doubt and fear as you breathe out gently, “I love you dear.”

10 February 2012

follow you there

Most will see me and not know I’m there
like a little sister to protect and to care

How am I to dream? Why bother with hope?
The emotions I feel have become such a joke

I play, I give we have some fun
but time after time I’m not the one

This place, I’m scared but it’s all I’ve known
sitting in darkness, always so alone

Then there you were, one day you came
and since then nothing’s been the same

Our talks and time, the things we’ve shared
you’ve surprised me with your willing care

I’m here, love found, ‘cause you’re the one
my mind, my heart, our souls in the Son

You saw me, you knew I had no clue
but now you’re the one to who I am true

You came, you found me, into my eyes you stare
You came to get me
I’ll follow you there…

This place, I’m scared, into the unknown
you take my hand, I’m no longer alone
My friend, I’ve waited, I wish to be yours
let’s find this place beyond hidden doors

I cry in my joy, it’s so hard to believe
you’ve offered your heart, entrusted to me

The summit we’ll reach, we’ll continue to grow
you came for me, how did you know?

You came, you found me, into my eyes you stare
You came to get me
I’ll follow you there…
You’re here, we stand, the ultimate dare
You reach for me
I’ll follow you there…

Beyond forever
the end of wherever
we’ll find it together
‘cause I’ll follow you there

You’re here, we stand, the ultimate dare
You reach for me
I’ll follow you there…

I don’t know where it is
and I no longer care
as long as it’s with you
I will follow you there.

04 February 2012

the difference

I was going to make another excuse; I was going to choose to live how I live
It was time for me to do what I do, but Something in me said it's time to give
I was going to make another excuse; I was going to choose to do what I do
Suddenly something began to make sense
I won’t make an excuse; it’s time to make a difference

I refuse to just sit on the fence, living the life of the independent
I’ll give it all, yet gain inheritance; Live life to the full, extraordinary existence

In His wisdom, missteps of my past were divinely directed to intersect with His Path
What appeared to be an ending, unfair treatment and failure,
brought me courage, compassion, the strength to endure,
it trained me to continue in expectant hope and diligently seek a new future

To this day it doesn't all make sense
But instead of the excuse
I’ll make the difference

I won't stand around and live to complain
No matter the circumstance, in the face of pain
in the darkest of night, seasons without rain
I will yet worship and my praise be intense
Because I refuse to make the excuse, instead I'll make the difference

What can I do? I am only one and this challenged world carried alone weighs a ton
but my Lord told me if I'd only just believe and expect to see Him, that great things I would see
I know He's seeded His vision in my heart and every time I surrender, the shell breaks apart
and what's been planted grows strong with deep root
He's preparing me for the work that He sent me to do
And it’s out of the box, and it might cause a shock or a stir or bring change to this religious game
I’d rather seek comfort, have others love my name
Not be known as weird or obtuse
This is the time that I would do what I do
This is where I’d offer the excuse
I may never be understood or ever make sense
But today, no more excuses I was born to make a difference