13 February 2012

lovequest moonlight

If there were a trellis under the balcony outside my window, would you visit me in the light of the full moon and sing the praises of my love? Would you stand below and court my heart by tickling my ears with your clever phrases and use sound pictures to take me places? Would the purity of your love permeate the structures that separate us and enter into my soul to show your self, true self to me? Would you, as a gentleman, if I met you in the garden underneath my window nervously smile as I walk shyly by? What’s this has our love brought a tear to my eye?
Would you on a warm summer night take my hand under radiant moonlight and lead me in a dance to the song of our beating hearts? As I look into your eyes reflecting the light from the moon, can you see my heart that burns because I love you? Now we follow garden paths, wandering in this maze, taking in the scent of luscious flowers, wishing this moment to go on for days. All too soon our journey comes to an end and we are back to where we began. We stand here beneath the trellis and what will you do, what can we say? And as you draw me close I hear those words that push away doubt and fear as you breathe out gently, “I love you dear.”
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