07 March 2012

you are free

Don’t allow yourself to be caught in the net of deception of small thinking. You can only see the now moment and you want now, right now but there is so much more on a grander scale that is right at your finger tips if you would just be patient and wait on my love. Bask in the glory of My presence every moment of everyday that I give you and seek Me out in your daily ministrations of life. I am right there with you if only you would faithfully and continually turn you would see Me. Invite Me into every area and I will perform the work needed. Love, patience, gentleness, confidence, strength, wisdom, power, honor and the words you need to speak are all in Me. I have you, I trust you and I love you and nothing changes that. What I have for you to do is special and not just here today, gone tomorrow a flash that is not remembered. When I allow the light in you to burn as bright as it will, many will see, be drawn to Me and you will live what I have planned. My timing is not limited to what you perceive. I have you in this and I know your heart and your dreams. Rest here with me a while and allow yourself to be free. When I call forth from you what I have in you, you will without a doubt know that it is Me, My plan, My stand. Fear and worry not little one for I have heard your cry for completeness, wholeness, healing, restoration and love. I know your longing to be truly appreciated and acknowledged and I am not displeased. Release your mind to me so that your thinking is free to expand beyond what you believe to be a limitation. I am Everything, over all, in all through all; EVERYTHING and My goals will be achieved. So move passed disappointment into the reality of your FREEDOM, which I have given to you. Continue to come to Me and do not allow yourself to be deceived into condemnation for it was Me who freed you. I love you; my beloved little one and I have your hand. When I loose your tongue it will always be for the glory and honor of my Son so rest still in me and accept that you are free. I have not given you a time boundary, dream big, see Me and be FREE!
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