23 March 2012

little red riding: behind the hood

So just so I'm clear, following the distorted logic of the society in which we live:

Little Red Riding Hood was a "thug" since she was wearing a hood"ie" and thus should have been eaten by the wolf. And apparently she was a supremely bad girl who deserved to die a painful, terrible death, because she should have been in the schoolhouse. Perhaps she had been asked to leave school for speaking her mind in class, but we don't know, it's just speculation. But let's say she did do something terrible, I guess since she's in the "hood" crowd she definitely needs to be eaten by the wolf. I mean after all she wasn't following specific direction given by her mama, rebellious youth, so once again, CHOMP!

Good job Mister Wolf keeping the forest safe from the likes of Little Red. Heaven forbid she be allowed to roam free where she could influence someone else since she obviously is so bad. And if we can mount a case that shows just how treacherous Little Red actually was, we can exalt the true hero here, Mr. Wolf. I mean let's forget there is a mother at home who has to get by without her child, let's forget that she was an actual person and drag her filthy, foul name through the mud. She deserved it, "hood-wearer!"


All I can really say is that my heart hurts for the family and friends of anyone who would have to not only endure the loss, but the criticism of "so-called" Christian brothers and sisters with media presence who would allow rampant foolish talk to be promoted right under their noses.

God bless America, please.
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