28 March 2012

prayer poetic: learning hope

Staring down the barrel of a faithless generation, 
seemingly this deadly bully's next prey
Feeling so alone and heavily burdened, 
as though I had thrown my personal forgiveness away
The intensity of this pain unexplained, 
lost in the hollow, dark shadows of my heart
Somehow destined for more than I know, 
a willing servant with no idea where to start
Walking under the brass sky of failure, 
leaving what I thought I knew
Believing I once had a dream to serve others and now, 
not knowing what to do

Internally torn apart, the weight of a heart completely made of stone, 
for my own faithlessness, tell me how do I atone?
The fear of failure ever gripping, slender fingers on my dream, 
the divine vision hidden in my heart that blinded I cannot see
Worn thin by the circumstances of life, the place of rest unfound, 
able to see the wound of depression in the darkest of chains bound
Scars from the rejection injection not knowing who I am, 
lost under this brass sky of failure, I no longer think I can
Longing for a new day and wondering if hope is gone, 
remembering the sound of joy but off-key is my heart's song,
The damnation of cold stagnation, no life, movement gone; 
How can I get out of this and where did I go wrong?

O Lord I need your life, your breath, your fruit unto me bring
Lest I walk in coldest bitterness in varying degrees
I don't want to forget your mercy and love found faithfully true
My fortitude debilitated I simply don't know what to do.
I call out to you in desperation, fervent prayers in anticipation
O Lord I need your strength, direction; teach me to receive love
I want to know You intimately, in a new way I know not of
Take me into your shadow and free my heart these chains
Teach me to walk under open heavens, giving off Your glory's rays
Bound to you alone, finding joy and peace, teach me to worship You and to fight upon my knees

Take me on this journey with You, holding my frail hand
Breathe Your precious breath into me that I may love again
Make straight the path before me that I may walk on safest ground
no matter what the storm I'm facing, in You I won't be knocked down
Hide me in the shadow of your wings, reveal to me ancient secret things
The stories of Your heart and love and why You made us so
Teach me how to fear You, that in You I may grow
Willingly I ran from You, thinking I knew it all
That You too would not receive me, that between us was a wall
Yet what You've done upon that cross was not trivial or small
Your rising from stone sleeping chambers brought to my life a call
Fan into my spirit a passion ever new, thank You Lord for victory, desires that come from You

I've labored long in this dark place, experienced the low of shame
But now Your Love breaks through to touch me, I cannot remain the same
Though frightened by the work unknown, I know it must be true
There is a dream established for me, what You've given me to do
I lift up my eyes to see You and You wipe my tears away
You speak to me so gently in Your perfect Fatherly way
I have no more excuses and now I have this chance
You fold me in Your faithful arms and now begins the dance
This journey is one of greatness and fitness for the test
But You are here to guide me and lead me to Your very best
The nations have not seen nor any peoples heard
What will shift and be reborn because You've given me Your Word.
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