18 March 2012


It only took 10 months for me to reach 100 posts when I began my online journal, but here it is 5-3/4 years after that mile marker and I am just now reaching 200. I decided to create this page because a friend at the time "encouraged" me to grow in my writing by making it public. It took some time for me to become comfortable with the idea of having this out here but in July 2005 the Lost Butterfly Angel took flight and wrote about everything. It's been interesting and fun. I thought this would be a fun outing but life and thus this blog has had detours, on- and off-ramps and lanes closures that took me for a ride.

As I look over it all, I am grateful. I can see the hand of God moving so powerfully even though at times I thought He didn't care about me or had given up on me. But of course He was faithful in the face of my faithlessness. How else could I go from a Lost Butterfly existence to a Victorious Life? I will write in more detail about this soon. Tonight I'm just happy because I have this as my travelogue. This marks the 201st stop on the journey and I am looking forward to the road ahead.
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