21 July 2005

Hello My Name is Aisha....

....and I'm a Donnaholic. (yep, an official card carrying member)

(Warning, this is another rambling post)

These women are incredible. Somehow they have managed to make six albums and keep the rock coming which lets me know they are more than just eye candy. They are full of talent.

Allison - Kicks major amounts of ass on that guitar. She is so good even guys must give props.

Maya - She seems to be quiet and subdued; must take it out by slamming that bass in your face.

Torry - She is like an animal on those drums! No really like "ANIMAL" from the 'Muppet Show'. She just plays better and is a lot better looking. ;)

Bret - The voice. She's fun, witty and able to work a crowd like the most experienced of rockers

So why gush about the Donnas? Why not? I saw them open for Maroon 5 the weekend of my birthday. I got their autographs and enthusiastic 'Happy birthday's from them when my friend -Hi Judy- mentioned it. (SWEET !!!) Their set was awesome. I was so elated to meet them that I told them, truthfully, I could have left happy at that point. I missed some of the M5 set to meet the Donnas. It was more than worth it.

I am sure if you have read this whole thing (and wasted 5 minutes of 'you time') you are now bored to tears. The sad thing is I really just wanted to put the picture up. My point is, if you can go see the Donnas.

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