13 July 2005

Confessions of a Former "Good Girl"

No, nothing exciting or enticing to read here but in the near future expect to see an entry entitled "What Constitutes a Good Girl?" This is something that had been on my mind for a while and then a friend made a statement about trying the 'good girl' thing for a while and coming to the conclusion that it was not worth the time and effort. At this time I am trying to organize my thoughts and figure out exactly when I began to think the 'good girl' route was a pointless journey. Not that I am saying it is not a good idea but I went through severe burn out and disillusionment trying to fit the 'good girl' mold. I also am not saying that I have completely given up hope on changing. But at the moment my Nefarious Angel is giving my Butterfly Angel a severe ass kicking. And just in case you are wondering, yes everyday it hurts like hell.
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