15 July 2005

Read or Die (the TV makes stupid you)

Back off, Fanboy, I know it is R.O.D the TV!!

If you know me you know I like my cartoons. Well of course I LOVE Anime. A year ago I was introduced to the Read or Die (OVA). WOW! Great story, great animation. Late last year I noticed a R.O.D the TV disc and almost exploded with excitement. Then I remembered I was broke :( About two months ago G4 TV ran the series, yay! (does anyone really care about this?) God love geek television. I am officially obsessed. I am almost ashamed to admit that I have a wall scroll. Almost.

I must apologize to my fellow green aprons because during that three week period I was super driven and focused to get my work done so I could get home to watch my show (no DVR or TiVo and my VCR is grrrrr). Of course after that it was all downhill and I have reclaimed my 'special' crown. Love you guys, love my anime more. Yes I already realize how pitiful I am.

Everyone has their own escape and I cannot take the regular TV junk, especially "reality" shows. Other than Cartoon Network and G4 TV, my happy list includes ALIAS, LOST, Cold Case, the many incarnations of C.S.I. and Law and Order and Buffy re-runs. TV makes me stupid anyway so I might as well watch things that I enjoy when I get the chance.

Anime and Music (my other obsession) the two great tastes that ..... nah that is too stupid.
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