17 July 2005

FLIRT (It's Almost a Four Letter Word)

Today's thought is short, simple and not so surprisingly, stupid.

People who flirt with no intention of following through should be forced to face a firing squad.

That is my thoug----- OH SNAP!!! Gotta unplug and run, here they come!!!!!!!

Addendum (22 July 2005):
No really, I still like to flirt and I'm not saying it will always lead somewhere. That is juvenile thinking. But there is a point where it is good to back off and move on to the next challenger if you are not impressed with the skills. Of course the game is fun and who wants to stop when something is fun? Oh well, it appears that halftime is over and I was just called to the playing field again. Flirting is too much fun to give up even if it means you can get hurt.... Damn firing squad!!!
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