04 April 2014


I'll tell you a secret that I didn't think was real
hiding in plain sight you'd never guess how I feel
although it may appear that I never think on such things
vague and distant at the core of me there is this little dream and
everything lately reminds me of this it seems.
Bubbling over with excitement, I've seen you in my dreams
allowing my heart to surrender to a very special team
bragging over and over of the mundane things you'll do
yet I awake each day to find your presence isn't true.
Fading into memory although the experience was never true
engaged in the daydream of all the things our family will do
venting all my frustrations to anyone who will hear
each time I wish I was learning to treasure you my dear
rest assured I want to see you because I finally fought past the fear.

-Aisha Nichole

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