04 March 2011

power in agreement

God is looking for someone to agree with Him; with His plans, His strategies to complete His work. When He finds someone willing to step up to the level of faith He requires for the work, watch out because heaven is about to kiss the earth and a new mantle is about to be bestowed. It is a new coat of many colors that you will have to be tailored to fit into. Yes you, your flesh, pride and personal agenda will be cut away along with all submission to fear or ideas of stopping because of rejection or because others do not see what God has allowed your eyes to view.
Once you have agreed and the covenant is sealed, you are now walking in the role God has given you. This is where you have your measure of rule to take back for the Kingdom what He has caused you to see. Seek Him to find out how to get where He wants you to go. He makes you aware so that you can pray and bring it to pass.
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