09 November 2006

Making Progress

So I was up until 2:30 this morning attempting to get my place in order and I am happy to report that I now have my living area under control! (well I do have to put away my CDs) I just started working and was able to keep going. Of course I'm paying for it today, I'M SO TIRED! Now I just have to get everything else in order. Oh well, when I finally finish there will be a big party. YAAY!!

Visit Snake Ai Musings for a couple of poems from the days of my youth. Comment and tell me how green it truly is.

On a not so fun note, I have to go to court tomorrow for a traffic ticket. BOO, HISS!

By the way, I appear to be falling in love again but more on that in the near future. Too bad it's not with a person.
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