27 September 2006


Mike: skins; Larry: vox, acoustics; Rob: guitar; Bristen: bass

This post is dedicated to my favorite local band, the boys of ODIS. Their style is definitely rock and roll but there is no denying the presence of soul and R&B grooves. It's Led Zepplin meets Lauryn Hill at Erykah Badu's house with Prince, The Who, The Isley Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire and Pink Floyd as the guests of honor. And it all works together so well. Click the title or the side bar to hit up their MySpace.

You get rocked ninja-style. It is an experience like no other. One moment you are grooving to the beat and out of no where your soul gets jacked and taken on this crazy ride that leaves you thinking, "Get out of my head man!" But it's a feeling that you want more of everytime. Go check them out sometime.

The other reason I posted this is because of the pictures! How freakin' rock and roll are they?! Show my boys some love!

From 9 September 2006, Firewater Bar & Grill

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