12 September 2006

Amongst My People

this is a bit late but the website just posted the pics

Over Labor Day weekend I went to Anime Fest for the first time. (thanks to Mary for paying) I had so much fun! I was only able to experience a small bit of all the action because of work, but the time I spent was well worth it. Everywhere I looked there was someone that was at least 10 times the dork I am :> Click the link above to see some pictures of all kinds of characters. (quietyell.com)

One of my favorite costumes was Ed from Cowboy Bebop. The girl had everything from the rosy anime blush cheeks to her ever present home made computer. She was the only "Ed" I saw and that was nice because I saw at least 4 Kurosaki Ichigo, 3 Edward Elrich and more than one of both Cloud and Sephiroth. There were also cute couple pairings like InuYasha/ Kagome and Sosuke/ Sakura. There was this one really hot Col. Roy Mustang but he was probably only 20 years old. * sad sigh*

But I digress. I have already decided that I will definitely be doing the whole cosplay thing myself next year but I have yet to decide which character I want to be. Yomiko Readman? Anita King? Fu? Faye Valentine? Princess Ai? There are so many to choose from. I am getting excited about it now just thinking about it. In any case whatever I do choose I am going to go over the top with it and get completely into character and have a ton of fun. It cracks me up to think about it, a 30 year old woman running aound dressed up like that for 3 days. But after seeing at least 8 full grown men dressed in school girl uniforms, I think the world can handle me in all my anime babe glory.

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