29 September 2006

I Miss the Weekend

For a little over 2-1/2 years I have been working 2 jobs. I am so grateful that I am employed because before this stretch I spent 9 straight months unemployed and not receiving unemployment. That sucked! But not being able to enjoy the weekend is a total pain. I wake up just as early on Saturdays and Sundays as I do the rest of the week and it's starting to kill me. I want to be able to look forward to the weekend like other people do.

"So Aisha do you have any plans this weekend?"

"Duh, I'm working! Gosh!"

It's the same thing over and over. Even when I have other plans it is hard to get excited about them because I know I will be worn out from work. UGH! How I long for one job that meets my needs. Yes, I am complaining. I know I have it better than a lot of people and I should just be grateful but it is so hard. I want to be excited about the activities I have in my life like guitar, running and going to see live music when I can. But it is difficult to find time for the things I'm doing now. When I add kung fu in December I'm going to need that clock that Hermione had in the second Harry Potter book just to keep up. Oh well I don't exactly know how but I know this will all work out well, hopefully soon. Have a great weekend everyone.
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