13 October 2005

Nothing Is The Same

by the way CHRIS, this is #42!

Luis Miguel - Nada es Igual (1996)
Recent Releases: México en la Piel (2004), 33 (2003), Mis Boleros Favoritos (2002)

I am a sucker for a sad love song and that is why this one is so wonderful in my book. The disc is filled with more than sadness but it has been the title track and overall theme that makes this my favorite CD of the 15 in my collection by Luis Miguel. The song is sad, but in a sweet way. I figured after mentioning 'Nada Es Igual' 3 times (Music Tag! - I'm It, TAG - I'm "It" Again and in this week's Listening Lounge) I could post the lyrics and say something about it.

The disc is nothing out of the ordinary for this performer but it is one extrordinary cd. Luis Miguel contributed more to writing for this project and the music seemed to pick up elements of other styles including jazz and R&B. "Nada es Igual" also contains the single 'Suena' which is the Spanish equivalent of 'Someday' from Disney's 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. Overall it is a great Luis Miguel pop album. The title translates to 'Nothing Is The Same'. I can't explain why it's my favorite song, all I know is that I love the emotion and sentiment behind it. My other favorite song 'Un Día Más', 'One More Day', is also like this.

#2 - Abrázame
Embrace Me
#4 - Nada Es Igual
Nothing is the Same
#6 - Que Tú Te Vas
Now That You've Gone
#7 - Sintiéndote Lejos
Feeling Far From You
#9 - Un Día Más
One More Day

'Nada es Igual' - L&M: K. Cibrián/ A. Lerner
Duérmete aquí, sueña por mí
Sleep here, dream of me
Que yo te amaré
That I will love you
Hasta el final del tiempo
Until the end of time
Besarte así con tanto amor
To kiss you thus with so much love
Ya mi vida no es igual
My life is no longer the same
Si a mi lado tú no estás
If you are not by my side

Nada es igual, sin tí no es igual
Nothing is the same, without you it is not the same
No soy nadie sin tu amor
I am nobody without your love
Nada es igual, ni el cielo ni el mar
Nothing is the same, neither the sky nor the sea
Todo cambia de color si no estás cerca
Everything loses its luster (color) if you are not near
Vuelve pronto a mí que no sé vivir sin ti
Come back to me soon I don’t know that I can live without you

Quedate aquí cerca de mí
Stay here close to me
Sé que tu serás la dueña de mis sueños
I know you will be the owner of my dreams
Verte reír, amar y seguirte amando
To see you laugh, to love you and continue loving you
Nada es igual si a mi lado tú no estás
Nothing is the same if you are not by my side


Por eso háblame, llévame, déjame sentir
For that reason talk to me, take me, allow me to feel
Por eso ámame
For that reason love me
Que la puerta queda abierta
The door remains open
Hasta que vuelvas a mí
Until you come back to me
Yo aquí esperaré por ti
I will wait here for you

-Coro/ Fin-
Vuelve pronto a mí que no sé vivir sin tu ...amor
Come back to me soon I don’t know that I can live without your …love
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