24 October 2005

After the Storm

Alejandro Sanz - Grandes Exítos 91_04 2004 - Latin Pop/ Rock

Previous Releases:
No Es Lo Mismo 2003
Unplugged 2001
El Alma Al Aire 2000
Más 1997
3 1995
Basico 1994
Si Tú Me Miras 1993
Viviendo Deprisa 1991

Alejandro Sanz, haven't I heard that name before? Oh yeah, he's that guy in the Shakira video. He has a very successful career based on great music, beautiful story-telling and as much as I hate to say it wicked cool videos. From the time this Spaniard stepped onto the scene, guitar in hand and heart on sleeve, the music world could do nothing but stop and welcome his refreshing presence. Mr. Sanz is an actual musician, not just another factory pop pretty boy. He is so good, in fact, that his MTV Unplugged performance has the distinction of having had the largest audience in the history of the popular concert series.

This is a "Greatest Hits" collection so if you are at all interested in getting into Latin music, this is a great place to start. -side note: listening to latin music can accelerate learning to speak Spanish.- There are 3 versions of this disc Grandes Exítos 91_96, Grandes Exítos 97_04 and of course Grandes Exítos 91_04 [DigiPak]. The first two obviously represent each of the albums made during those time periods and 91_04 includes both of those and a bonus special disc. This 3-disc [DigiPak] has a total of 43 songs featuring all of his major singles and the bonus disc has a duet with The Corrs - 'The Hardest Day'. This is their version of Mr. Sanz' 'Me Ire' from "El Alma Al Aire".

From one of my favorite songs: 'Corazón Partío'

Después de la tormenta siempre llega la calma
After the storm the calm always comes
pero sé que después de ti, después de ti, no hay nada
but I know that after you, after you, there is nothing
Para qué me curaste cuando estaba herío
Why heal me when I was hurting
si hoy me dejas de nuevo con el corazón partío
if today you leave me anew with a broken heart?
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