11 July 2013

fighting the fear of failure, part 2 - get over it

"Mistakes should perfect your craft not paralyze your effort." Keionna Henderson 

Guilty as charged. 

I saw this quote and have not been able to forget it. I often write about my issues and how I really want to be a writer and all kinds of other nonsense. Yes I said it, nonsense. I am writing. I may not be paid for it yet, but that does not change the fact that I am a writer. 

I often do not make the significant efforts needed to pursue my passion because I fear the start. I become paralyzed by the fear of failing, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of not measuring up to the imaginary line of success, the fear of being incompetent and going through the pain of another lost job in a field I truly enjoy. So why bother to try if I’m just going to fall flat again? Is this really any way to live? 

Of course it’s not! So how do I move on from this place of fearful inactivity? During my absence from the “blogosphere” I returned to school to complete my degree. In January I became a journalism and public relations student. I am doing something about this desire and I am staring fear in the face everyday determined more than ever to move forward toward my goals. I do not just want to graduate and return to work, I would like to have my own business and provide the service that only I can. 

Returning to school has been both a challenge and exciting. It is an adjustment but one that has been well worth it. I am working hard would even say I’m having fun. Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail informing me that I made the Dean’s list for the Spring semester! I was very pleased with this and this gave me just the boost of encouragement that I need as I move forward in this journey. 

I will not foolishly state that I will never be afraid again, but I can confidently say that I refuse to be paralyzed. I’ve started and I will keep going on this journey knowing both my character and my craft are being perfected.
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