07 May 2013

beautiful breakthrough

There shrouded in darkness and heaviness of soul
The weight of life having taken its toll
Chained by an interminable bound
Longing for different
Where is my help found?

Crushed and oppressed by the cares unceasing
Lies abound and stress increasing
Intense bouts of fear and sleeplessness
Tears falling softly
The pain of distress

How can this be?
It does not make sense, I want to give up,
I want to forget, I want to run, I want to hide,
I want , I want,  I want…
But I won’t

Because somewhere I’ve seen or possibly read
Of an abundance of life, not cowering dread
I’ve seen His love rise up to greet me
This destructive spirit cannot defeat me

For He spoke His Truth, His powerful Word
I will stand against with It as my sword
My faith is my shield as His grace empowers
My enemy is the one who will cower
For I will stand tall as His precious one
Honored in His sight, never alone
And in this new season He’s done a new thing
Restored and delivered, brought me refreshing

How can I stay where I do not belong?
I have an inheritance and a new song
So no longer will I sit in darkness defeated
I will set my heart on Heaven where I am completed
My lips will ever send up a word of praise
And I will see true life and joy all of my days!

© 2011 Aisha Nichole Willis
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