01 April 2013

love the foreign language: part 2, the conversation

This is the conversation that brought up this idea in the first place.
To help you visualize, note: I am highly expressive, I talk with my hands and I often answer a question with a question to ensure I understand and sometimes my answers involve a long story that can make you wonder how it all ties in. Enjoy!

Person: Aisha do you ever think you'll fall in love?
 Me: Maybe.
 Person: Is that all? Maybe?
 Me: What?
 Person: That’s an odd answer. You seem so indifferent to it. You know it's not all bad and I think... {my hand in the air signaling Stop}
 Me: Before you finish your spiel, you forgot to ask a question. {puzzled look from person} You didn't ask if I've ever been in love.
 Person: Well have you?
 Me: What do you think?
 Person: You don't act like you ever have. You’re like a kid who doesn’t even get the concept.
 Me: Really?
 Person: Yes really. {stone face}
 Me: OK. {deep sigh} What if I told you that once a long time ago I fell in love with a wonderful gentleman whom I wanted to marry? {the look of hope} What if I told you that after that our relationship ended suddenly and painfully I realized love was not a game to be played? After I experienced the purity and tenderness of such a love I knew that kind of thing doesn't need to be shared with everyone on the block until I end up with the “right one” that fits. After all I am not a puzzle piece.
 Person: Interesting. So you were just hurt really bad and you don't want to experience that again? You know part of life is being hurt… {Stop signal}
 Me: Seriously I think you missed the point. Did it hurt? YES, obviously! Especially considering it was my fault. However, the thing I'm talking about is a peace that I have that at the proper time I will be "found".
 Person: Ok, whatever. Could you just answer the question?
 Me: Which one?
 Person: Seriously?! Do you think you will ever fall in love, again? No wait, even better, do you want to fall in love again?
 Me: Most likely.
 Person: {question marks of frustration in the eyes} Ugh! What kind of answer is that?
 Me: It's my kind of answer. Why does it bother you?
 Person: Because I want you to be happy and I want to help you be happy and I think you’re hiding… {yet another Stop sign}
 Me: Ok look, the way I see it love is like learning a foreign language. {person stumped, look of frustration}
 Person: Do you always have to be so—?
 Me: Yes {big smile} Would you like me to explain?
 Person: {Head on table} I’m too tired.
 Me: {Arms in the air in a "V"} I win!


Yes, I know you're looking for my rationale on this foreign language/love thing and it's coming but for now, you know either laughed or felt sorry for the other participant in this conversation :)
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