25 April 2006


... is driving me crazy. I try not to think of him. I try not to let his name run through my mind at all. Then it hits me, if I have to try he is already there. He is a wonderful friend and that's all he ever will be. I am too old to play games and flirt with the idea that a long distance relationship could work. They don't. Period.

But then I think of his bright smile and goofy laugh. His poetic words and riveting stories dance thorough my mind. The silly jokes, the things we have in common.... Every time I hear a RUSH song (his favorite band and #3 in my top 5) on the radio, there he is in my mind- no, my heart. There. I admit it, he has done the near impossible. HE got through to my heart.

We haven't even known each other that long. Our actual face to face contact has been minimal but already he is numbered among the few friends of mine that have stolen my heart. I have completely set myself up for a terrible heart break but in all honesty I don't really care that much. At the moment he has made me very happy and that is the moment I am choosing to hold on to.
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