14 April 2006


Yay! More ANIME!

Yesterday I found myself wandering around the mall at lunchtime because I could not figure out what to eat. Shopping is always a suitable alternative to food or pretty much anything. Anyway, I was actually on a mission. The song "Feeling That Way/ Anytime" by Journey has been stuck in my head for a month. Of course the only way to get it out is to put it in someone else's head or listen to it. I opted for listening to it, so off I went in search of "Infinity". My quest led me to Sam Goody, and they were having a going out of business blow out sale. Yipee! I totally cleaned house. Not only did I grab CD's, not Infinity, but 2 anime series. One of them is a full set of 4 discs for ~ $35. Normally in that store it would have been $130.

So this weekend I get to watch Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU! until I can't take it anymore. *dreamy sigh* I rented it two months ago and still find myself laughing when I recall certain scenes. Now of course, instead of having it stuck in my head, I can actually go watch it and laugh till I cry. Too bad I still have that song stuck in my head!

P.S. - the other anime was... "R.O.D the TV!! Life does have it's moments of goodness.
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