04 April 2006

R.O.D - Read or Die

"Now might be a good time to look at it. You have a choice...
Read or Die!"
- Joker to Yomiko Readman, the Paper

Ahh, yes my darlings it seems my favorite series is back again. Last month, on my birthday no less, Volume 1 of the "Read or Die" manga was released in English. I was in geek heaven. I popped into Studio Anime Friday to pick up my reserved copy and have read it 3 times since.

I just love Agent Paper! Remember her?

She is a total nerd, a bibliophile. She lives for books and cannot get through the day without them. Although she is clumsy and goofy she is the most powerful Paper Master and effective agent for the Library of England. The huge glasses she wears belonged to her boyfriend, Donnie Nakajima, also a bibliophile and Paper Master. Now that he is dead she wears them so that he can continue to read through her eyes. What a sweet sentiment!

After reading the first installment many things from the R.O.D ova and R.O.D the TV already make sense. I am having so much fun with this and I cannot wait until May 17 when Volume 2 hits the shelves.
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