27 March 2006

Striking the right chord

Remember my little Yukina?

I finally started my guitar lessons last week! Hooray! I had so much fun that I did not want to leave. My teacher's name is Jevette and she is a riot. She has played forever and is looking to build a new band. Interestingly we have something other than being black women who love guitars in common. Yes ladies and gents she also works for Starbucks. What is it with that place? No matter what I do I cannot escape.

The first thing she did was explain to me that I am not allowed to consider myself a beginner. Apparently I am around intermediate speed. News to me. She asked what I new about guitar and I said oh I know a few chords. So I start with a barre Cminor7 and move through a couple of other things and she breaks out with this Cartman voice and says, "You liar! I'm sorry beginners are not allowed to know barre chords and 7s and shut up and play something."

It was funny. So after I stumbled through Def Leppard's "Two Steps Behind" she grabbed a tab of "Emotion" by Smokey Robinson and says to play it. So we went through that and the Ionian major scale. Good times. Then she busts my groove by saying I have to buy a mic. No buying the mic is not a problem, it is the singing part. God gave me a strong love for music but I was cursed when it came to singing. I have a very flat voice. I am always off key etc... Not a pretty thing but I am told I will be singing to get my notes right and what not. Great!
Progress reports will be posted as long as I can type. After all callouses are developed from lots of painful practicing.
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